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Psychometric Assessment for Professionals


With the high demand for the EdTech sector to provide efficient solutions that enhances the workforce and allows for a sustainable employability cycle and higher retention of resources,<a href=’’>Strategy Directives</a> introduces <a href=””>Maharatkom</a>, a revolutionizing test engine tool that uses Artificial Intelligence and data analytics to provide a profile that assists in the placement of the candidate in a position that immediately allows them to excel and be productive for the entity.
With gamification and the use of situational judgement testing based on theories focused on today’s skills requirements within the workforce, <a href=””>Maharatkom</a> allows high level of engagement for the candidate to complete the assessment with accuracy and attention.
Following several international and regional studies, it became evident that the labor market and skills required have changed in the last five years. The skills requirements of the workplace today include the personal behaviors and life skills as they affect the career path of the employee and the self-sustainability of the private or governmental entity. These required new skills include communicative, innovative, analytical, and organizational behaviors, which are a basic requirement for the job seeker today in addition to the technical experience and university degrees.
<h2>Psychometric Assessment<h2>
The assessment is powered by an American company, <a href=’’>”Strategy Directives”</a>, which has consulted Psychologists from different universities in the United States of America, Germany, South Africa, and Jordan and follows international standards based on the following life skills and behavioral attributes.

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