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An affiliate marketing solutions provider, powers growth for marketers seeking a scaled alternative to their primary sales and marketing channels.

Pepperjam was born (literally) out of marketing jarred jam with one goal in mind: sell the jelly and drive commerce. But even 20 years ago, driving commerce was not—as it still isn’t—simple. Commerce can be fickle: challenging and ever-changing and no matter the form, requires the right elements. It requires an understanding of the current landscape, expertise to navigate that landscape—and tools to get you quickly from point A to B.

Understanding just how new digital marketing was, coupled with the hurdles we faced in the space, we became centered on the idea of solving industry problems. Out of this fixation, a new technology vision was born: create a transparent affiliate marketing platform that enabled easy relationship creation and connection building. That burning desire to provide solutions to problems that brands just like us faced was what started it all.

Jam began our journey, but the ability to nurture and cultivate connections made us true commerce creators.

As a privately owned performance marketing company, we set the stage for our own destiny—so you can be the master of yours. Our foundation is built on delivering expertise, efficiency and innovation. We pride ourselves on delivering strategic value through our extensive experience and developed expertise.

We maintain a boutique approach —by choice—since there’s a certain subtle victory in being chosen based on merit, not by name or size. That’s why we choose personalized over impersonal.

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