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Keep Track of Your Competitor's Most Profitable Ad Campaigns on Adult Traffic Sources

The tool helps you with the top data collection on different adult campaign
You get an option to analyze campaign from 70 different countries and over 120 carriers.
Best spy tool on banners like JuicyAds, TrafficFactory, Report, expansion
No risk to set up the tool and is easily understandable
You get to see all the campaign being targeted on popular devices like Windows PC, Mac, iPhone & Android Phones.
You can find affiliate ads with just a single click
First ever Spy Tool which has carrier spying features
There are no cons for Adplexity Adult, but few users find the price a little high. But when it comes to the features it provides, you will find the value much worth.
Pricing and Plans

There are two different plans which come with Adplexity Adult. You can either look for a monthly plan which will charge you just $199 a month for a single user. If you get it today, you will be charged only $149 a month. The yearly charge will be $1990 per month for a single user. The billing will help you to get two months access free for Adplexity Adult. You can also look for discounts and offers to get the tool at a much lower price than usual. The payment is easy and secure. You get instant access to the tool once the payment is processed.

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