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What is Offer18?
Offer18 an affiliate marketing platform has evolved very efficiently in a short span of time and now holds a distinct position in the world’s top affiliate marketing platforms. Offer18 is trusted by a great number of Affiliates/Advertisers/Agencies/Adnetworks and still many to be connected in the days to come, is continuously stressing upon the effectiveness of serving clients with the best affiliate marketing tool.

Why is Offer18 different from others?
Offer18 among other platforms is distinct in the terms of providing customized features with advanced functioning Whether it is regarding security-related features or advanced features, API or Smart offers, unique clicks or multi conversions, whitelisting or blacklisting IPs, allowing or blocking specific country, browser, devices, ISP, etc., dynamic tokens and parameters, a great list of models to run campaigns in, impression link implementation, creatives upload and much more. The dedicated account manager and 24X7 support, whether a startup ad network or top affiliate network, each will be benefited to take the growth of his business to a great level of success in the digital marketing industry. Offer18 is well versed in presenting advertising networks with all that is required as well as on-demand, get the customized features added. if someone new to the world of affiliate networks decides to pursue any platform, then Offer18 is the most suitable platform to go with. The list of best affiliate marketers as clients from all over the world is on increase and is expected to indulge many more.

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