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The new Envato Market Affiliate Program has landed

The Envato network is something you’ve probably encountered if you’ve used WordPress for any significant amount of time. It’s not so much a single site as it is a network of branded sites, each catering to a different part of the blogging and web development sphere.

From a consumer’s perspective, Envato is a potentially amazing resource. It’s full of everything you might need to complete a project, almost regardless of what that project is.

Code Canyon has scripts, plugins, and code snippets for various sorts of web functions and features. There’s code for all sorts of different architectures, including PHP, Javascript, HTML5, and mobile devices.
Theme Forest is a huge library of themes and designs for WordPress, but they also include themes for sites powered by Drupal, Joomla, Magento, and even just stand-alone HTML sites.
Audio Jungle is, as you might anticipate from the name, a database of audio files. This includes music tracks for everything from games and trailers to podcasts and apps. It also has sound effects for the same set of purposes.
Video Hive is a repository of stock footage, intros, effects, templates and other bits of video for use in video production.
Photo Dune is where you can tell they were starting to run out of clever names but wanted to carry on their element-nature theme. It’s a stock photo site full of royalty free images you buy access to use.
Graphic River has graphic design elements, flyers, resumes, logos, illustrations, icons, and basically any graphic that wouldn’t be considered a stock photo. Frankly both sites could have been merged, but that’s not my decision.
Active Den is full of elements and templates for Flash and Unity projects, including video/music players, image galleries, animations and games.
3D Ocean is a resource for 3D models, textures, meshes, plugins, and anything you need to work with for various 3D projects.
Envato Studio is a central site where they provide services for many of the same items you can find on the market sites. Logo design, graphic design, WordPress coding, app development, it’s all there.
Tuts+ bucks the trend and isn’t strictly a part of the Envato marketplace, but it’s an Envato network site. It’s full of tutorials on how to use a lot of different software or apps to do various things, often involving other Envato resources.
Of them all, the most prominent across the web are probably Code Canyon and Theme Forest. The others all see use, of course, but at least in the web development sphere, those two are the most used.

The Envato affiliate program is a unified program across almost all of those sites. When you sign up for it, you have the ability to refer people to each site, and you earn a commission for each item they buy.

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