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A hotel reservations portal that is popular with users around the globe, is part of the Priceline family. Guests like it because they can search for many hotels in one location, read reviews and see photos, and often they can reserve a room with free cancellation. Hotels like to participate because they can reach more potential guests by being part of a popular travel search engine. was started in the Netherlands and the headquarters are still in Amsterdam. Although it is part of the Priceline family and is known internationally in more than 180 countries, it still might be more popular with users in Europe. Something to consider when deciding what is best for your blog.

The commission rates are quite generous and if your visitors book expensive lodgings you get a nice payment has an enormous range of hotels and other lodgings to promote
There are a wide selection of customizable banners, links and widgets you can add to your site is a well-known company – especially in Europe, leading to trust with your visitors
The affiliate interface is relatively easy to understand
The website is available in many languages to fit with your local market and you can link to the local version of the site whether that’s Greece, Portugal or Canada

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