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WP Engine's Managed WordPress Hosting Affiliate Program.

WP Engine (one of the early pioneers of specialist WordPress hosting) has enjoyed unparalleled levels of growth. This is no small part thanks to their continually striving to offer customers levels of service well over and above those previously expected of a web host. Coupled with great marketing, substantial early investment, and a seemingly neverending flow of people looking to offload the hassles of fussing about with maintaining their hosting, WP Engine has enabled more and more people to enjoy the benefits of their services.
Unlike most standard shared web hosting affiliate programs, WP Engine interestingly offers different commissions depending on which level of service the customer you sign up chooses. Their standard payout is $200 (as mentioned above), but this isn’t the limit of the commissions you can earn. Should customers signup for anything other than WP Engine’s most basic plan, you’ll receive 100% of the first month’s payment — this means that as an affiliate you stand to make considerably more than $200 per signup. What’s more, at the time of writing WP Engine will also pay certain bonus commissions to affiliates who refer multiple customers per month (more on this below).

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