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Simply Convivial's goal is to help people organize their attitude and life. Get the direction and accountability you need to manage your home.

Smart Kitchen is a fresh online cooking school that is “The Smartest Way to Learn to Cook™”.

At Smart Kitchen, we teach our members to think and cook like chefs using Videos, Images, Charts, Text, & Novel Teaching Concepts. All of our instruction is organized into a Curriculum with 30 Lessons comprised of hundreds of specific exercises. We are focused on helping the home cook eat better, cook better, save money & save time.

Unlike most other cooking sites, Smart Kitchen is not a video library where you watch entertainers cooking various dishes. Smart Kitchen is also not a recipe bank. On the contrary, Smart Kitchen is a place for food lovers to learn to become improvisational chefs, starting with the fundamentals and moving on up to the most advanced techniques. The curriculum is progressive, where each exercise builds on the one before it.

Smart Kitchen offers a tremendous value when compared to traditional culinary school costs and time requirements – and our members can learn from the comfort of their computers on their own terms and at any time.

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