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Taboola is the world’s leading content discovery platform that links a user to related slideshows, articles, or videos both from within and outside the site. It predicts the interests of a website visitor and provides sponsored content that may interest the reader. Content offered by Taboola is interesting and appealing and its links are usually found at the end of the page with tempting captions. This software is used to increase customer base and website traffic. It engages customers naturally and gives them a chance to learn more about your products and services.

Taboola is based on a mathematical predictive engine that was created in 3.5 years. It is founded to predict videos or articles people may prefer even before they express any interest in watching them.

Taboola is attending 360 billion recommendations to over 1 billion distinctive users each month on the internet’s most advanced publisher sites, including The Atlantic, Fox Sports, NBC, The Weather Channel and USA Today.

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